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The Old Town,
a national open-air museum

Experience three periods of history

Walking through the streets in Den Gamle By, you will experience how the whole scenery from the buidings to the pavement you walk on changes, as does the interior, peoples lives and their clothes accordingly to the period of time you are in.

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Life before 1900s

When entering Den Gamle By, you travel back in time to when the streets were covered with cobblestone and the buildings were made with half-timbering. Just as in a Danish market town in Hans Christian Andersen’s day.

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Discover the 1920s

This area shows how the industrialization had begun to affect the lives of ordinary Danes with electricity, electric street lights, telephone wires, bicycle stands and petrol pumps.

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Remember the 1970s

The 1970s neighbourhood reflects a Danish town based on the year 1974. Times changed radically in the mid-1970s, where many Danes wanted to be librated from the norms and the ordinary life.

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The Old Town

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