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Optional extras at
Danhostel Aarhus City

Optional extras

On this page, you can read more about the optional extras on offer when staying at Danhostel Aarhus City. The page is constantly updated as new facilities, services and optional extras are launched at our cozy hostel.

Some optional extras are purchased when you book, while others will be available to you when you arrive. If you’re in any doubt, you can always contact us at (+45) 86101020, or read our FAQ, where you will most likely find an answer to your question.

Bed linen

We offer the cheapest prices on accommodation in Aarhus, and as our guest you can save money if you bring your own bed linen and towel.

Alternatively, you can rent steam washed bed linen and towel from us. Both can be purchased when you make your reservation, or at the time when you check in at our reception. Guests staying for several days can purchase freshly washed linen and towel at the reception at any time.

We have a great focus on cleaning and hygiene, and it is a must that all guests are using clean bed linen. It is not allowed to use your own sleeping bag.

Breakfast buffet

We offer and delicious breakfast buffet every morning from 7.30 am to 10:00 pm.

Begin your day with our delicious breakfast buffet, consisting of home baked bread, jam, cheese, Nutella, milk, yogurt, juice, muesli, oatmeal and lovely coffee and tea.

We provide a 10% discount if you book your breakfast when you make your booking. Alternatively, you can order breakfast when you check in, or in the morning when you are ready to eat.

Cheap parking

Parking at Danhostel Aarhus City is both easy, cheap and fast. All you must do is to provide your car’s registration number on arrival, and we will assign you a parking space. Please have your registration number ready in advance when contacting the reception.

Obs. You have the parking space until 11.00 AM on the day of your departure.

We look forward to your visit!

Extra bed in your private room

Our rooms are furnished in such a way that we can provide an extra bed per room. This allows the big family, or the group of friends, to stay together in one room, and thus save money. Children under the age of three can stay in private rooms without any extra charge. We have quality mattresses that we use for extra beds.

The city's best prices and location

As one of the first in the hostel industry, Danhostel is now actively involved in their commitment and work with the UN’s World Goals.