Cozy rooftop café

Cozy rooftop café & bar

Danhostel Aarhus City welcomes you to our cozy café, where you can enjoy the view to the city, and the vibrant pedestrian streets surrounding our hostel. Sit in the sun on our green roof terraces and enjoy a cup of coffee. Every morning we offer a delicious breakfast buffet in the café, with freshly baked bread, jam, Nutella, cheese, cold cuts, milk, yogurt, juice, muesli, oatmeal, fruit & vegetables, and lovely coffee and tea. Read more here (link).

During the day, you are welcome to relax in the café area after a long day of sightseeing in the city. You decide the pace. Lean back with a good bog, bring out one of our board games or get some work done on your laptop – our café is ideal for a quiet time. In our atmospheric café we offer different drinks, coffee, tea, sodas, snacks and fruit.

The café is open for anyone who wants to meet friends, family or good colleagues, in a cozy setting in the heart of Aarhus. You can park right outside our main entrance and connect to our powerful WiFi in the café.

Sociale events

In the evening, the café is quickly transformed into a natural meeting point of the hostel. Meet locals as well as international globetrotters from all over the world for a few beers, wine, drinks and other beverages (and at reasonable prices!). If you are not a great beer enthusiast, we also offer delicious special coffee and well-known drinks. Of course, we also a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Our café at Danhostel Aarhus City is a great place to warm up before getting into the nightlife of Aarhus.

In the café we often organize social events, such as movie nights, board game nights, study cafes, barbecues, karaoke, live music and much more. All events in our café are customized to fit the hostel and open to anyone who wants to join.

Our café never functions as a nightclub, and we are very cautious that our events does not conflict with the interest of our guests or neighbours.

You can rent our café

Feel free to rent our cozy café if you are looking for a venue for your private event or corporate party. If you want to invite your entire family for a birthday party or a reunion, maybe the Hallo Café is the solution. For example, we can arrange a delicious family brunch, party dinner, Christmas lunch or birthday dinner. We can help organise the food, or you can choose to bring you own food. We will do our best to find a solution the meets your needs.

Need a venue for your corporate party? We provide a great opportunity for you to arrange a summer party, anniversary, Christmas lunch, reception or the like. If you want to arrange a smaller event such as beer tasting or wine tasting this is also an option. We offer delicious food, snacks and drinks, and we make sure that you have the perfect setting. We will happily help you with you with the menu, cheap accommodation, parking and activities based on your needs and wishes.

Send us a booking request if you are interested in renting our café.

The city's best prices and location

As one of the first in the hostel industry, Danhostel is now actively involved in their commitment and work with the UN’s World Goals.